Lets build amazing things together.


We develop digital products carefully, focusing in maximum quality. Our clients are people who believe that their products will make a difference, and so do we. We transform ideas into businesses.


Most products don't succeed. We are here to facilitate your journey to the right direction. Here you can find the innovative environment to transform dreams in products.


Value Proposition Design, Growth Hacking, Lean Analytics, Agile development... Knowing all that (and more) is essencial to create a product. How to connect all those? We developed a method of our own.

How things work here

Here at Crafters, we work with clients to define business models and strategic plannings. From that, we craft a list of features and start the construction of a great product.

We deliver fast and small releases every week, to gather constant feedback through the whole process. This guarantees improved and better products, reducing risks and increasing the chance of success.

We want to work with partners who believe their products can make a difference, who believe that it must be done with collaboration and compromise with success and quality.

Our work


Conflux helps you to manage and create value on your projects, through lean metrics, unified flow and strategic plannig.

Monster Roster

With Monster Roster you save time and win money by following our path to a perfect lineup!

Seu Atleta

Seu Atleta helps athletes to bring their dreams to life through crowdfunding.

Learning 3.0

Learning 3.0 provides better creative solutions by sharing experiences and benefitting from emergent learning.

Love Mondays

Love Mondays is where you can avaliate companies and search for the perfect place to work. LoveMondays has become glassdoor.


With 4bricks you can centralize data and have complete control of all your building projects.